Stool donor

Are you a Super Pooper?

Becoming a stool donor

Here at Flora Medicine we are constantly on the search for the healthiest of stool donors. To become a donor, you must first fill out our Super Pooper form, which can be found below. If you meet our criteria, we will send you an email, so keep an eye out. After contacting you, we'll have you go through our screening interview, where we'll ask in depth questions about your health history. If you meet the interview requirements, one of our physicians will schedule an appointment with you to have a brief physical exam as well as a variety of stool and blood tests to determine if you are a true Super Pooper! 


To honor your commitment and time helping patients with C.diff infections we pay our donors $30 for each donation. 

Become a Super Pooper

We are looking for very healthy people that treat their body and mind with respect. To begin, we'll have you give us your contact information and fill out the survey below. If you score a 9 or higher, we will contact you to move on to the next round of screening.

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We consider "happy and healthy" as solid stool, easy to pass, brown in color without any mucus.