FMT Safe Practices


Donor Screening

After a detailed medical history and physical examination, donors enter a rigorous multi-phase screening process involving infectious disease testing of both serum and stool.

As naturopathic doctors we have an appreciation and understanding of the importance of the microbiome and the impacts lifestyle imparts on our individual microbial make-up. In addition to being healthy and happy people, our donors are part of a community in Portland that has cultivated microbiome diversity through lifestyle and health practices. They have healthy organic diets, an active outdoor lifestyle, and an emphasis on stress management and sleep hygiene.


All donor samples are tracked from the moment of donation to the finished product. A capsule from each batch processed is saved for quality control tracking. Each sachet of capsules includes a batch ID and date of processing.


We follow a strict processing protocol with safety, sterilization, and temperature regulation as our top priorities. We have a lab director that performs safety and quality audits to ensure we are following best practices. All processing is performed under a hood in a lab setting that ensures contamination risk is mitigated.  


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