Philosophy of Medicine Through the Lens of the Microbiome

Every person's ecosystem of microbes is different and deserves a customized approach. Our bodies' bacteria tells the story of our suffering and our success. They are also the key to our healing.

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True health, prevention, and healing can be found when we realize the human body is an ecosystem.

Our body has trillions of healthy microscopic creatures living in and on it. These microbes are collectively known as the human microbiome. Our understanding and awareness of it is a new concept in the context of human health and medicine. We are beginning to understand just how important these creatures are.

In the Pacific Northwest, forests have immense diversity of plants and animals. These plants and animals provide resiliency to the forest ecosystem. A similar comparison can be made to humans. Our human microbial ecosystem relies on us to support its diversity. And in turn, that diversity maintains our health.

In the forest, external influences like fire and rain can cause destruction or help the ecosystem flourish. Similarly, in the human body the everyday decisions we make around what we eat and how we live affect this microbial ecosystem. All the choices we make, impact the environment that either sustains or destroys this ecosystem.

At Flora Medicine our vision is to direct medical decision-making through the lens of the microbiome. We assess the broader patterns and truths of how ecosystems find balance. By using this lens, the tools of naturopathic medicine and the science of ecosystem biology are uniquely blended in a way that has profound effects.



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