About Flora Medicine


Our mission

Flora Medicine’s mission is to help people reduce suffering and be empowered to take charge of their health. We approach naturopathic medicine through the lens of the human microbiome. We utilize the science about the connection of the gut's microbial ecosystem to the brain, immune system, whole person. Recent scientific discoveries of the microbiome provide a mechanism of action for many of our naturopathic wellness tenants. The simple things we do on a daily basis do matter. What we eat, how we move, and how we think all affect how we heal. By addressing lifestyle, providing herbs, nutrition, mind-body, and microbial techniques we help patients find their path to wellness.

Our Story

Flora Medicine was established in early 2018 after many years of education, mentorship, and endless hours of research to bring this vision to fruition. In the beginning, Dr. McBeth founded Flora Medicine to manufacture FMT capsules and provide clinical care to patients through the lens of the microbiome. Dr. Dobner joined as a co-founder to bring further clinical and research expertise.

Our vision is to integrate basic sciences and naturopathic medicine. We practice both science and medicine under rigorous scientific and medical standards. This creates an efficient and effective model that provides FMT access to populations that need it the most. From that vision, we have built one of few stool banks in the country that provides frozen FMT capsules while also providing a compassionate clinical care practice.

We are passionate about shifting perspectives toward a microbiome-centered health. By pushing this space forward through collaboration and research we hope to advance approaches to wellness.